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Hey, Naples! The Parrot is BACK!

Located just down the road from the original Parrot Bar and Grill, the new KC’s Parrot 41 Bar and Grill strives to carry on the tradition started back in 2011, which is good food and fun for locals, seasonal citizens and tourists alike!

Our 30-seat oval bar is the centerpiece of both our indoor and outdoor seating, giving our guests a choice of either blue skies and fresh air, or the comforts of an indoor temperature controlled environment.

Like its predecessor, the Parrot Bar and Grill, KC’s Parrot 41 aspires to be the perfect “after” location: after work,  after dinner, afterparty, after boating biking or beaching and more!

After all, the citizens of Naples deserve a place to be who they are…the local folks we depend on to keep the Paradise on the Coast up and running all year long!

Smile Naples! The Parrot is back!

KC 41 Parrot bar and grill